Polymer Components Finland Oy

Telephone +358 19 426 2100



Niinistönkatu 6

05800 Hyvinkää


Company ID FI01256382


Polymer Components Finland Oy is a subcontractor for tailored technical
elastic components.

We manufacture technical rubber, rubber metal and rubber plastic products by
injection- compression- and extrusion moulding.

The company was founded in 1926 as Hyvinkään Kumi and later was known as
Marwe Oy. The name Marwe is nowadays one of our company brands.

We have our own planning department which offers product and mould design
and tool manufacture services.

Development work for the materials is done in our own rubber laboratory, and
the materials are produced at our blending department.

Necessary tools can be manufactured in our own machine workshop.

The estimated theoretical production capacity of our factory is 300 tonnes a year.