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Your Partner in Product Development

Making rubber-technical decisions at an early phase of the product development process gives companies competitive advantages and reduces risks in product development projects. Early planning is essential, especially in projects which require new rubber properties or manufacturing techniques. It is sensible to cooperate with top experts and reserve a sufficient amount of time for rubber-technical development.

Professional Material Design

Marwe Solutions owns hundreds of rubber recipes, and they require hundreds of different raw materials. It is important to make right material decisions to ensure the functionality and durability of the products. If there is no ready-made solution for the material requirements, we will develop new properties for the materials in our laboratory.

Marwe’s Own Product Development

Marwe has developed several products of its own – from seals to roller skis. The Marwe Roller Skis are the best known product of Marwe Solutions. Their rolls are made of materials that Marwe Solutions has developed and owns exclusive rights to. The rolls are extremely hardwearing and their grip on wet surfaces is excellent. More information on Marwe Roller Skis can be found at : www.marwe.fi