Alice Canclini Interview

Tell us in brief who you are?

Hi, my name is Alice Canclini. I’m 24 years old and I’m an Italian cross-country skier. I live in Bormio, in the middle of the Alps. My relationship with skiing has been close my whole life. Everyone in my family loves the sport but I’m the only one who decided to ski competitively. I first tried cross-country skiing at the age of 4. This sport has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and visit different places. When I was 18 I was accepted into the CSE (the sport section of the Italian Army) and the Youth National Team. In 2012 I took part in the first edition of the YOG in Innsbruck, being the only Italian cross-country skier.

Why did you chose skiing, you could have chosen other sports too?

When I was a kid I was on the ice skating team. After the team’s Russian trainer left, I decided to start skiing competitively.

I was 8 years old at the time. Cross country skiing has always been a lot of fun and I see this this sport a game rather than a job. To be honest, it’s still my favourite game! I’ve always loved sports in general. I like pretty much everything if I’m not standing still! Since I’ve started competing, I can’t stop moving.

Apart from skiing, what other training activities do you use?

I vary my training a lot. Apart from cross-country and roller skiing, I love running and exercising at the gym. I’m not a big fan of biking though. Whenever I have some free time, I love to play beach volley with my friends.

Cooking seems to be your secret passion, any other hobbies?

The truth is I’ve got quite a sweet tooth! Cooking is my chance to eat what I like and I’m good at preparing desserts. I usually go to restaurants to have my favourite food, but I can’t decide between pizza and sushi. Besides eating, I like sunbathing and going shopping.

To whom would you recommend roller skiing?

Roller skiing is very important for athletes. It allows us to improve our cross-country skiing technique during thesummer season. This way, it is easier prepare for the winter and competition season. Because roller skiing is a quite new form of sport and not many people practice it in Italy, people are very curious about it. They’re more willing to try this sport rather than cross-country skiing. For those who want to try the feeling of cross-country skiing during the summer, there’s nothing better than rollerskiing under the sun on the asphalt!

What equipment brands do you use for roller skiing?

Vision sun glasses, Accapi underwear, Sportful training suits and gloves,  Rottefella bindings and of course Marwes roller skis!

Do you roller ski the same routes, or change them often?

I am lucky to have a new roller skiing track close to where I live. At the track I really have a lot of fun training because I can practice on the slopes Sometimes they are quite dangerous, so I only try them using roller skis. While not on the track, I vary my trainings among the many routes around here: Stelvio Pass, Gavia Pass, Cancano lakes and the Sentiero Valtellina (a long flat cycle lane). Usually I spend between 1 to 3 hours for my training sessions.

Please recommend us a route or place to roller ski?

Sometimes I reach the peak too early so if I need to do longer trainings. The I will  choose the Stelvio or Gavia routes. They are long enough to train more effectively.

What is your favourite weather season and why?

I love the snow and ski races so winter has become a part of me. But, I must confess that I’m crazy in love with the sea. So, if I had to choose a favourite season it would be summer, no doubt about it!

How do you relax after a roller or cross-country skiing session?

As I said before I love the sea. There’s nothing more relaxing than a sunset on the beach. I could stay there forever! Listening to music is one of my favourite way to relax too but I don’t have a favourite genre or artist. It really depends on the moment. I like Italian songs and music and when I drive I sing along to the radio at the top of my voice!

You are active on social media, should other athletes be too?

I started using social networks after striking a bet with a friend. Though I must admit I really enjoy it! It’s rather demanding updating all my profiles every day, but when you do something you enjoy, then it’s not really work. Nowadays social networks have become a great communication method and it’s probably the most common way to do it. Many athletes use them in very different ways. I think we should feel free to use them however we want. I like it so it’s not a problem for me even when I’m very busy.

Do you have a favourite hashtag, and what is it?

Since I created my profile I’ve always uploaded lots of HD pictures. I post frequently and write phrases that may interest my followers, but I stay faithful to what I believe. I don’t have a favourite hashtag, but quite often I use #alysmile. I created it for fun with some friends and now it’s my personal trademark.

In which social media platforms are you present

I use Instagram frequently. I also created a Facebook profile less than a year ago. They are both becoming more and more popular but I’m aware I must be patient. Now, these are the two social networks I use the most. Instagram remains my favourite because it’s more direct and efficient.

Your posts have beautiful colours, good moments & humour. Are your impulsive in your posts, what kind of things inspire you?

My daily activities are my main inspiration. I like sharing good moments, especially when I’m training. In these posts I like to express how much fun training can be. You can easily picture my personality by looking at my profiles. I’m a very impulsive person, I like doing what I feel like doing. My posts are usually very colourful because I consider myself to be a cheerful person and colours make me feel happy.

Is there something in or about Finland or Finnish what you like?

I haven’t been to Finland yet. I hope to go soon and take part in the World Cup there. It would be an honour for me to race in Scandinavia, the birthplace of cross-country skiing. And maybe try an authentic Finnish sauna, too. I would love to go in summer and see what it’s like to have sunlight 24 hours a day.

Lastly, do you have a idol you admire and look up to?

My idol has always been Petter Northug. I’ve always loved watching him race on TV and it’s not the same without him now. I like everything about him–his manners and what he does during a race to catch the audience’s attention. I know he is the idol of many athletes, but I think we have something in common. I quite obviously dream about being as good as him one day!

The pictures used in this interview are from Alices Instagram account @alicecanclini.

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