The next generation of Italian biathlon dynasty is here

Tell us in brief who you are

My name is Magdalena Wierer, I´m 18 years old and I have been a biathlete since I was 9 years old. This year I finished high school and now I will totally focus on biathlon.

Practising during winter with Linda. Picture (c) Linda Sulzenbacher

How did your career start?

At the age of 6, I got cross country skiing lessons and after that I directly started with biathlon.

Beginning her career, competing at a young age in Antholz Picture (c) Magdalena Wierer

Who is your idol, what gave you the spark to start competing?

I started competing together with other kids from my home valley because of my sister Doro(tea). Ever since I made my first steps on cross country skis, she has been my inspiration.

Sisters Magdalena and Dorotea together competing at Livigno. Picture (c) andreavidotti

Do you have time for any hobbies apart from your sports career?

Most of my time I spend in training. During my free time I like to go swimming or playing beach volleyball with my friends.

Fresh air, the mountains and your best friend! Picture (c) Magdalena Wierer

Do you train or do any other winter sports?

No, I concentrate only on biathlon.

Preparing for a competition, do you relax with some music, or while training?

I generally like listening to pop music in my free time or during gym sessions but before my competitions or during endurance training, I prefer not to listen to music. at all. In this way, I can control and concentrate on the rhythm of my training.

Picture (c) Magdalena Wierer

Tell us a bit about how you like to relax

If there is a long time gap during or between training sessions, I prefer to lay in my bed with some good music. For example, I really like listening to Italian pop or Latino music!. Also, I like to listen to this kind of music during my gym sessions.

Where are your favourite roller skiing tracks and why?

I really like the roller skiing track at Antholz in Tyrol, Oberhof in Austria, and Ruhpolding in Germany. These ski tracks because of  their nice up- and downhills.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is magda1-43.jpg
Time for some skate style training on her Marwe 620XCs, Picture (c) Magdalena Wierer

What do you concentrate on during your roller skiing training?

Our summer training on roller skis is very diversified. Between long sessions about 2-3 hours of skating or classic roller skiing we also make shorter training with a higher intensity. The training can be short sprint sessions, uphill intervals, longer intensities, or just roller skiing without poles. All these training methods are very important to me, to improve in agility but also in endurance and technique skills

Tell us about your training gear, and why Marwe roller skis?

Now in the summertime, I go roller skiing almost every day. I use mostly use the Marwe 620XC Skating and 700XC Classic but for long uphill- or agility training I use the 610 A Skating ski with racing (R) wheels.

I´m very happy that I can train with these roller skis. The reason for this is because they are very stable and I feel comfortable with them, just like on my skis in the winter.

Feeling Marwelous! Picture (c) Magdalena Wierer

We always ask our interviewees if they have some kind of connection with Finland, what about you?

Unfortunately, I have never been to Finland before but maybe in future I get the chance to visit this beautiful country.

Music man Richard Wierer follows Marwe and you on social media. What’s the story?

Richard is my older brother (He is 29 years old). He often goes cross country skiing too, but he never competed or tried biathlon. However, he found his passion for building guitars and working as a carpenter.

Richard Wierer together with Giorgio Moroder, for whom he built a beautiful guitar. Picture (c) Richard Wierer

Thank your for the interview Magdalena!

Magdalena and the whole Wierer family, we at Marwe wish you all good health, success at biathlon, guitar building, and a good career. To see more on Magdalena’s life, events, and more great photos and videos and Instagram stories, go to her Instagram feed from the link below!


At the end of season 2019-20 Picture (c) Stefano Jeantet

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