Dangerous Finnish nature

Vuokatinvaara, and Vuokatti sports complex offers excellent facilities for winter sports even during the snowless seasons in the form of a ski tunnel and recently renovated roller ski track. And to make things even easier, the roller skiing track is situated right next to the entrance of the ski tunnel. So you could have the best of both worlds during the same day!

The surroundings of the roller ski track offer a spectacular view of local nature and Vuokatti landscape. In addition to this, the track passes by the biathlon stadium, so serious biathlon training is possible.

Scene from the 2018 Aateli race © SHL/Touho Häkkinen

Competition events

The Vuokatti Aateli race

is organised at the end June every year. It is a favourite event for many Finnish national team cross country and biathlon athletes, and also contestants from abroad.  For more information on the race click here

The Kainuu endurance race

For more information on the race click here 

Nordic combined summer race

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Starting line for the 2018 Vuokatti Nordic combined summer games. © Ann-Mary Ähtävä

Vuokatti roller ski track facts

Total track Length 4 km
Height differential (HD) 26 m
Total climb (TC) 106 m/4 km

For hardcore training the Vuokatinvaara ascent is the perfect gruesome choice!

Going uphill the Vuokatinvaara ascent at the Endurance Kainuu race © Endurancekainuu 2018
  • Suitable for intense training
  • Length 1.6 km/2.5 km
  • Height differential (HD) 130 m
  • Hill gradient 7 degrees
  • The asphalt has been upgraded for roller-skiing in 2014
Rollerski track area map

Map legend:

2. Ski tunnel
12. Roller-skiing circuit
15. Biathlon stadium

So whats with the danger then?

The substantive “Vaara” in Finnish means to be an danger in English. Of course in this case we are referring to the fantastic surroundings of this forested hill range which is the correct geographical definition of the Vuokatinvaara area.

For more information go to the Vuokatti sport website.