One Support Strut & Wheel

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Extra support to keep up the pace during your exercise!  The spares package contains one support strut and roller with fittings. Compatible with the models Classic 800 XC, Universal 800 XC and older models Classic 800 C, Universal 800 C and Combi.


One support strut and roller with fittings. Please note:  A pair of roller skis need two support struts and rollers with fittings. Parts 19 (2 pieces), 20a, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. Compatible with models:

  • Classic 800 XC
  • Universal 800 XC
  • Classic 800 C
  • Universal 800 C
  • Combi

Consult the instructions from the FAQ page when changing the strut.


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