Ready to roll onto the runway?

Ready to taxi the runway ?

To start off we will travel to the cosmopolitan capital of Germany, Berlin!

City of a million possibilities

In addition to fantastic cultural and historical experiences to enjoy, the previously divided city offers a vast portfolio of activities to do. Berlin has several hundred of kilometres of road to cycle safely on, and countless activities in other sports.


It is not adviseable/allowed to rollerski on the aforementioned cycle routes, but shortly put Berlin offers a fantastic ski track like no other in Germany.


There are several tracks and areas suitable for roller skiing around this beautiful and vibrant city, but we will be starting off a track which will literally take you off. Dear skiers , please go to the gates, our roller skiing trip will start off at Tempelhof.

The former airfield which was originally built in 1927 to serve the ever-increasing traffic of the capital of Germany. Two runways circle the airport with the following information:

Runway            Elevation         Lenght              Material
09L/27R             50m                 2,094m              Asphalt
09R/27L             50m                 1,840m              Asphalt

Opening hours and how to get there

This public park is open daily, but the opening hours of the public park vary depending on the season. As an general rule the park is open from sunrise to sunset. By public transport, the park is accessible with under a 10 minute walk from any of the nearest bus or train stops.  For more detailed information click here

Services offered by the Tempelhof public park

The park is very equipped offering for example rest rooms, first aid points, Barbeque area, kiosks for refreshments and also other sports facilities such as  Wind sports and table tennis are on offer.

More information

There are several websites and portals with information regarding the Tempelhof public park, here are links to pages in English

The grun berlin group

Visit berlin

Daily skiers comprehensive article on roller skiing at Tempelhof

Nordisch aktiv ski club which also offers roller skiing in Tempelhof (page in German)