The Best`onian sports complex

Otepää which means bears head in English is one of the favourite training facilities used by for example the Finnish ski orienteering and the Russian biathlon team. The journey from Tallinn to the Tehvandi sports complex takes less than 3 hours.  The Tehvandi spordikeskus offers a good variety of activities in addition to roller skiing such as ski jumping, biathlon stadium and bicycle trails. The environment is peaceful Estonian countryside which is an  hassle-free track with safe surrounding with no heavy traffic or motorways close  by.

Estonian biathlete Zene Zakhna training in Otepää

In other words , its an the perfect surrounding to concentrate on the main issue: proper workouts without annoying distractions close by.  Enjoy your time there, and remember to take an selfie or diary snapshot  on the hill opposite the St Mary’s Lutheran Church. The church is one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering that are marked by a yellow National Geographic window. This one of the most popular instagram update points for athletes training in Otepää.

Rollerski track details

The maximum roller ski track length is 6.2km. Main access to the track is through the upper car park of Tehvandi main building near the stadium and next to the gate of the service building. The track has a though relief with difficult ascents and complex dangerous descents, and it is intended only for roller ski trainings for well-trained and experienced sportsmen. Markings on the track every 1 km mark indicate the travelled distance, Track sections connected with the Tehvandi stadium enable you to use the roller ski tracks with markings 1.3/2/2½ /3,3/4 /5 and 6.2 km for trainings and competitions.

Tehvandi stadium offers washroom services, a sauna and a café for after rollerski refreshments.

Shooting action during the Estonian summer biathlon championships


More information on the Tehvandi spordikeskus and rollerski track

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