Properties which will make you forget the lack of snow.

  • Composite Skating Skis

    Skating 590 XC Easy Snowfeel

    400,00 € VAT 24% 322.58 VAT 0%

    Get introduced to roller skiing nice and easy.

    The 590XC skis are ideal for beginners who want to learn skating style roller skiing and maximise their effort right from the beginning.  The skis wider wheels provide good vibration properties and sense of balance and the composite wooden frame offers enjoyable snow feel characteristics.

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  • Composite Skating Skis

    Skating 620 XC Endurance Pro

    420,00 € VAT 24% 338.71 VAT 0%

    The 620XC is one of our most popular wood composite roller skis – and for a reason. The composite frame of the ski offers properties that makes it the ideal companion for endurance training. Superior vibration damping properties ensure that skiing with them is less tiresome, thus enabling the athlete to make longer and of course faster roller skiing sessions.

    The all-rounder skate roller ski seen at skiing tracks and training sessions around the world. When going roller skiing to places you have never been before, the 620XC is the perfect choice.

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  • Composite Classic Skis

    Universal 800 XC Skating & Classic Ski Tip Feeling

    475,00 € VAT 24% 383.06 VAT 0%

    Can´t decide if to ski Classical or Skating style? With the Universal 800 XC wood composite roller ski model you can do both. The ski tip perfectly simulates the real thing – kick-motion during cross-country skiing. At the same time, the model offers outstanding vibration damping properties which makes skiing on them pleasant.

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