The Champion of Roller Skiing

Skating Style

Get the feeling of skiing with a big adrenaline rush and anaerobic performance. Ski faster and powerfully. Get down to it, make an intentional kickdown to improve and excel your condition.

Classic Style

Master the original style of skiing with the natural diagonal stride of body movement. It is directly applicable for roller skiing and the ideal way to start roller skiing.


Skating Wheels

Roll out onto the track with the best grip on the market. No skidding!


Classic Wheels

A Finnish Classic. These wheels are the next best thing to snow in July.


Parts & Accessories

Even your best gear needs some love, every now and then.


Let There Be Snow

Marwe manufactures the best gear for summer training, for our common love for the cold season. Learn why we are a part of POW.

Right on Track

The Best`onian sports complex

Tehvandi spordikeskus offers a good variety of activities in addition to roller skiing such as ski jumping, biathlon stadium and bicycle trails. The environment is peaceful Estonian countryside which is an hassle-free track with safe surrounding

Sofia Henriksson Interview

Tell us about yourself (Scroll down for english version !) Jag är född och uppvuxen i en by strax utanför Piteå, och längdskidåkningen har funnits med mig ända sedan barnsben. Det var min mamma som introducerade mig till längdskidåkningen eftersom att hon själv har både tränar och tävlat inom sporten.

Ready to roll onto the runway?

Several hundred of kilometres of road to cycle safely on, and countless activities in other sports. It is not adviseable or allowed to rollerski on the aforementioned cycle routes, but shortly put Berlin offers a fantastic ski track like no other.

Anastasiya Kuzmina Interview

Tell us in brief who you are? Hi! I am Anastasiya Kuzmina, professional biathlete from Slovakia. Apart from biathlon, what other outdoor activities do you love? My favourite outdoor activities are Nordic Walking and trekking in the mountains.