Marwe sustainability

Coming from a country with fresh air and clean water is taken for granted, we at Marwe are also just as concerned about our environment as anyone else. Finland being a country with four clear seasons, climate change, pollution, saving energy and using renewable energy when possible are key issues which affect us all.

Reduction of energy use/Environmentally friendliness

We believe that using robust clean energy and following climate policies and guidelines will support Finnish competitiveness, innovation, and job growth. We remain committed to putting our scale and inventive culture to work in ways that are good for the environment and our customers.

Use of local workforce and domestically manufactured raw materials and parts.

Nearly 95% of our products raw materials and parts are made and prepared in Finland. The source of origin of the rest of materials are produced in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The roller skis frames, mudguards and wheels are made in Finland with Finnish workforce and the products are made according to the Finnish labour legislation. This reduces the use of energy in transportation and at the same time we support the local production economy. At the same time, we also avoid complex logistical taxonomies and possible longer-lasting manufacturing delays.

Responsible sourcing

Marwe is strongly committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner. This includes engaging with suppliers that are committed to the same principles. This includes

  • Health and safety in production areas and any living quarters
  • The right to legal wages and benefits
  • Appropriate working hours and overtime pay
  • Prevention of using child- or forced labour
  • Fair and ethical treatment, including non-discrimination

Sustainability partnerships

Marwe has joined forces with Protect your winters Finland to bring awareness to and fight against climate change by means of community-based projects, advocacy, and educational initiatives.

Product lifetime and recycling

Marwes products are well known for their quality, reliability and product lifetime. We have manufactured long lasting training equipment for professional athletes since 1986. We maintain a supply of spare parts for all our ski models which have been manufactured during the last ten-year period. The design of our skis is updated on a regular timespan of 5 years. Hence this, we strive the utmost to maintain downwards compatibility to our products, mainly by using the same or similar parts in our current and older ski models. Due to this we can offer you, our valued customer an alternative.

It isn’t always necessary to buy new skis, we can extend the life span of your product and simultaneously protect the environment. In all cases, we will always provide service as long as we are able to source the necessary spare parts.

Method of environmentally friendly transport

And as we know, roller skiing is an extremely environmentally friendly method of commuting. Not only do you get your workout done, your general condition will improve, you can admire the nature around you, enjoy the fresh air and feel better. Pollution free!