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Treadmilling for winning

Hence the rollerskiing season has finished until the 2022 spring, in most countries our winter sports athletes are from – treadmill training and testing is rolling at full steam. In this blog post, we will take a quick look into treadmill training on rollerskis , especially with equipment supplied by Swedish vendor Robdy Innovation

The benefits of treadmill rollerski training

We recently spoke to the Finnish cross-country national team coach Mikko Virtanen and discussed some topics regarding treadmill training. The Finnish National Team athletes train for example at the Vuokatti Sport training resort and  KIHU – The Research Institute for Olympic Sports in Jyväskylä, Finland. Both these facilities are equipped with Rodbys treadmills.

How often do athletes use a treadmill for rollerskiing training or testing ?

Treadmills are used for specific training, normally 1-2 times a month, depending on the athlete in question. Some used it more than this, some once or even less. I would say normally the treadmill is used once every 2 or 3 weeks’ time period.

Of course, the treadmill can be utilised more when it is very cold (frost) outside or power training related to hard ski track conditions. As an example, treadmills provide excellent and specific sessions for uphill training.


 What are the benefits of using a treadmill in cross-country ski training and related testing?

Rollerskiing on a treadmill can provide excellent pinpointed load/stress exercises. The (steepness) angle of the mat can be adjusted to achieve the desired pulse and lactate levels of the athlete. Also, in maximum levels of power training exercises, we can reach up to ultra-fast skiing speed levels.

Another clear advantage of treadmill training is that treadmills provide the means for maximum power training, we can clearly follow and monitor the improvement of the athletes’ fitness level. The testing and exercises are made in a laboratory environment – so the conditions are the same for each athlete, compared to if the testing or training would be done outside. Such issues as wind speed and direction, temperature, “new” or “old” snow, etc would affect the final result’s.

What wheel speeds are used for treadmill training? 

For skating style rollerski training we most frequently use the 0 wheels and the aluminium 610A ski. For classic style rollerskiing we use the 800XC composite model and the Standard SC6 wheels.

What is the differences between using composite- or aluminium-framed skis for treadmill training?



For classic style skiing we prefer the XC composite-framed skis because when skiing on aluminium-framed models, the skis tend to start bouncing when making the ski kick motion. The XC skis are slightly heavier, and also due to this more stable than the aluminium skis.

In skating style skiing the situation is vice versa, the aluminium skis being lighter makes the skiing easier. We do however also train skating style on the composite XC skis. When doing maximum power tests, we do use aluminium skis.

Why are Marwe’s rollerskis the best choice for treadmill training?

Marwes roller skis are extremely stable, reliable and durable. Above all, Marwes roller skis provide the best possible skiing feeling. Precisely this means that Marwes skis are simply the best for rollerskiing on treadmills.

Rodby Innovation in brief

Rodby Innovation is a Swedish family company, founded in 1980. Their Innovation development and production plant are situated in Hagby, south of Uppsala. The company is closely affiliated with its parent company Öbergs Svarv & Svets AB and both of the companies are run by brothers Ove and Thomas Öberg. The fiscal year 2021 was successful for Rodby, its turnover being in the range of 1,8 million euros. Apart from selling its products to their domestic markets, the company exports its products all over the Nordic countries, Europe, Hong Kong, The US and China.

The RL2700 in action with Joachim Rönneback at Skidstudion in Stockholm

In general, treadmills are available in many sizes and types. Related to roller skiing training there are models available separately for classic and skating style skiing. In addition to this, the classic style treadmills can be used for double poling exercises. Treadmills suitable for skating style are wider than mills used for classic style training.

RL2700E for Classical style rollerskiing & double poling training

The RL2700E x 1000 treadmill is Rodbys largest treadmill, suitable for running, bicycling, wheelchair, and cross-country roller skis. The RL2700E x 1000 treadmill is Rödbys biggest treadmill, Belt length is 270 cm and the width 100 cm. The treadmill belt can be fitted with vulcanised rubber strips of 3 or 8 mm thickness for better ski pole action. The model also offers GPX Track simulation. The RL2700E is quite popular and used in a lot of training facilities. Click the link here to read more about the RL2700E

Rodby Skate Pro treadmills

In this part, we will mainly take a quick look at professional treadmills and what kind of features can be installed. These large skating treadmills are used for exercises and testing with classic and skating style roller skis, cycling, running, and wheel-chairing. Naturally, Rodby offers full customisation to these treadmill models based on the customers’ needs, assembly location, and purpose. These Pro level treadmills can offer GPX Track simulation and offer auto-positioning among other features. Find out Read more about these by clicking this link & more details from here.

Rodby Skate treadmill activity suitability chart

VIEW THE RODBY RL3500E 360°. Click the play button

What is GPX?

GPX is a pre-recorded pattern file created by a GPS device so that you can exercise on the simulated track. This provides an excellent way to prepare for a race and exercise with similar conditions as the actual ski track. The track GPX file can be used to simulate your favourite home track in the forest or a competition track such as a marathon, various biathlon or cross-country race tracks, or Vasaloppet.


Rodby treadmills that have the 2.0 Control System can be equipped with the Auto Positioning system option.

This feature allows the treadmill control system to monitor the position of the athlete on the belt by using a stereoscopic motion sensor and then automatically increasing the treadmills speed (2) when the user gets closer to the front of the belt and by decreasing the belt speed (3) when the person traverses further away from the front part of the belt.

In this way, the athlete can control the speed of the treadmill through his own speed during the exercise. The stereoscopic motion sensor also can distinguish the center point of the trainee and eliminate any equipment, such as swinging arms, poles, bicycles. wheelchair, frame runner, and even outsiders entering or blocking the motion sensors field of view. This option is available as a separately purchased feature.

How the Rodby auto-positioning system works


The Rodby RL3500Es treadmills belt length is 3500 mm. The model is available in 2500, 2700, and 3000 mm wide models. The length of the belt gives ample space for a multitude of sports working on technique enhancement, endurance training, interval training, lactate threshold training, VO2max training, uphill climbing, and practicing on GPX tracks.

Rodby RL3500E Treadmill

The RL3500E is an excellent choice for an elite athlete’s personal use as the length of 3500 mm is sufficient for all advanced training activities. Several world-renowned athletes have acquired this model as their personal skate treadmills. For example, Swedish biathlon Olympic champion and world champion level athlete Sebastian Samuelsson has invested into his own personal Rodby treadmill at his home in Östersund.. The treadmill is suitable for all kinds of exercise: running, roller skiing skate, roller skiing, double-poling, roller skiing diagonal style, inline and roller skating, cycling, wheelchair, frame runner, and even for two individuals pair training.

RL3500E Specifications

• Belt length: 3500 mm.
• Belt width: 2500, 2700, or 3000 mm.
• Speed: 0-50 km/h. The model also has an option for 0-70 km/h.
• Elevation: 0-14° (0-25%). The model also offers a Minus elevation (downhill) option.
• Pulse Control with pulse band / watch Bluetooth®.
• Track Simulation system GPX.
• Speed Deviation: ±1%.
• Elevation Deviation: ±0,2%.
• Motor Effect: 10 – 14 kW.
• Emergency Stop Switch


We wish to express our sincere thanks to Manfred & Thomas at Rodby Innovations , The Super Swedish Biathlete Sebastian Samuelsson & Fantastic Finnish XC Skier Jasmi Joensuu for their videos.

And lastly the Fabulous Finnish National team coach Mikko Virtanen for his informative interview!   

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