Product Guarantee

Problems? They are meant to be solved

If something arises with your Marwe gear – here are the first steps to  the solution.

Our product guarantee covers the Marwe roller ski and Marwe wheels material and possible manufacturing faults. The guarantee is in force from the day of purchase and continues for one (1) Year. The distance covered by skiing does not affect the length of the guarantee period.

  1. Marwe will repair or exchange free of charge the part or parts which are found to have such a material or manufacturing defect which essentially affects the skis usability.
  2. The guarantee does not cover faults arising from normal wear or faults which are caused by outside factors.
  3. Claims under the guarantee or the product in its entirety should be submitted to Marwe at the cost of the sender. Such deliveries for which the correct transport charge has not been paid will not be collected. Marwe will pay for returning the product to the customer.
  4. Claims made under the guarantee period must give notice of at least the following information:
    4.1.  The sender’s address and contact information
    4.2. Place and date of product purchase.
    4.3. Copy of the purchase receipt
    4.4. Description of the fault and circumstances in which the fault became apparent or arose
    4.5. Weight of the skier and the total distance traveled on the skis.
  5. Marwe is in no way responsible for direct or indirect damage or costs caused by the use of the skis unless it can be legally proven that it has been caused by gross neglect or malpractice by Marwe.

After the one (1) year guarantee period, the customer can purchase a new, corresponding spare part at a 50% discount. If the time period starting from the actual purchase date has exceeded two (2) years, the discount provided to exchange the broken part is 35% off the current resale price. For products which are older than three (3) years, the discount for buying a corresponding spare part is 25% off the resales price. To be able to get these discounts, the customer must contact us by email, using these details provided here (click the link)