Four Mudguards For 40mm Wide Wheels

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Roller skiing can be a dirty job, especially during heavy rain or sleet flying in the horizontal plane. Keep your skis in order and you and your skis looking good with this package. It consists of  four mudguards with screws for 40 mm wide wheels. Each mudguard is fastened with two screws.

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Are your roller ski mudguards broken or want to improve your Marwe´s looks?

We strongly recommend to replace the mudguards when they broken. Doing so you can increase the life of your skis and stay safe. On the composite XC range the mudguards protect the ski frame, and on all the models the mudguards prevent the skis from getting soiled or sand and grit getting info the ski bearings.

Four mudguards and 16 screws for 40mm wide wheels. Fastening with two screws per mudguard. Fastening parts include 8 screws for composite models and 8 screws for aluminum models. 4 pieces part 6, 8 pieces part 7 and 8 pieces part 7a. Suitable for the following models:

  • Skating 590 A
  • Skating 590 C
  • Skating
  • Classic 700 A
  • Classic 700 C
  • Classic
  • Universal 800 C
  • Combi
  • Classic Racing
  • Classic Sport

NOTE: Classic Sport and Classic Racing models models require separate holes to be drilled to attach mudguard(s) onto skis.


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