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Classic 800 XC Ski Tip Feeling

Classic 800 XC Ski Tip Feeling


Frame: Snowfeel XC
2.2 kg
800 mm
Clearance: 29 mm

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Wheel Speed

The skis support wheels mimic a cross-country ski tip, enhancing steering properties and extending the total wheelbase from 590 mm to 800 mm. The longer ski frame ensures additional skiing comfort. The Classic 800XC features flexible XC wood composite frames that excel in vibration damping, especially on uneven surfaces.

Equipped with a ratchet roller, the front wheel enables a classical skiing-style kick movement. The skis' wheels, crafted from unrounded 80 X 40 mm natural rubber, add to the overall appeal. This model is highly favoured among classical-style skiers and the worlds top athletes.

It's important to note that the Ski is exclusively available as the STIFF Frame version.

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