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Classic wheel 1 pcs

Classic wheel 1 pcs





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Wheel speed

Classic Style

A great way to improve your overall fitness and well-being!

Master the original skiing style! Classic skiing, known as the original form of cross-country skiing, is directly applicable to roller skiing. This technique is easier and faster to learn and master compared to the skating style of roller skiing

Natural movement

It is also less physically demanding. In the classical style, the skiing movement is achieved using a diagonal stride, where your arms and legs swing in opposition – a very natural human movement. We recommend classical style roller skis for beginners and for those looking to improve their overall fitness.

R - Racing Wheel

0 – Fast wheel: small rolling resistance simulating skiing on icy snow

6 – Standard speed wheel: medium rolling resistance simulating skiing on fresh snow

7 – Slow wheel: high rolling resistance simulating skiing on wet snow

8 – Very slow wheel: very high rolling resistance for power training

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