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Skating 620 FX Snowhow Pro

Skating 620 FX Snowhow Pro


Frame: Exel FX
1.9 kg
620 mm
Clearance: 30 mm

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Frame Stiffness
Wheel Speed

Frame: Exel FX
 1.9 kg
620 mm
Clearance: 30 mm
The old 620 XC Ski model is now replaced by the 620 FX Snowhow Pro!

The new models Exel FX ski frames are produced from a fiber-reinforced vinyl ester-based composite. Marwe has developed it together with Finnish technology company Exel Composites, one of world’s leading composite profile manufacturers. The solution provides an EOL recyclable , durable ski frame with excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The material offers superior vibration damping and elasticity properties, directly comparable with wood composite ski frames. FX ski frames are produced in three different stiffnesses:  Flex, Medium and Stiff.  

The 620 is our most popular composite roller skis, and it's easy to see why. Its composite frame boasts properties that make it the perfect companion for endurance training. With exceptional vibration damping capabilities, skiing with these skis is less tiresome, allowing the skier to embark on even longer and faster roller skiing sessions.

This versatile skate roller ski is a familiar sight on skiing tracks and at training sessions world-wide. When exploring new roller skiing terrain, the 620 emerges as the ideal choice.

Click on the image on the right and compare the flex of all ski models' frames during the kick. (Estimate in cm.)

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