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Skating 590 A Easy

Skating 590 A Easy


Frame: Aluminium
1.9 kg
590 mm
Clearance: 29 mm

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Wheel Speed



The Skating 590A is the perfect companion for learning skating skiing without snow. Its wider wheels make skiing easy, providing improved balance characteristics. With these skis, learning to roller ski is both easy and safe.

This model is specifically designed for learning skating-style roller skiing, with the wider wheels enhancing balance characteristics. The Skating 590A makes roller skiing easier and safer, especially for beginners using slower wheels to start off.

These skis are reasonably priced, offering high-quality skating-style roller skiing with light and stiff aircraft-grade aluminum frames. Equipped with rounded 80 X 40 mm wide rubber wheels, the Skating 590A skis are lighter to ski on with fast wheels, allowing skiers to focus entirely on their technique training.

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